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Unconstrained Inertial Navigation

Autonomous crowdsourced cellular mapping solution

Mobile Positioning

Glopos patented positioning technology calculates the location of any mobile device


Outdoors. Indoors. Underground.

No additional hardware is needed to locate accurately outdoors, indoors or even underground.

Glopos Technology combines two innovations, previously considered impossible in the ICT industry

  • Unconstrained 3D inertial solution enabling autonomous mapping
  • Truly accurate (<10m) indoor and outdoor positioning, based on cellular networks only (2G, 3G, LTE)

Glopos Unconstrained Inertial Navigation

Pure sensors-only, IMU-based double integration.

Enables autonomous crowdsourced cellular mapping on off-the-shelf smartphones.

Applicable for VR/AR solutions.

Glopos Unconstrained Inertial Navigation

  • 11.25 minutes, 2600 meters (2843 yards) of uninterrupted, unconstrained
    inertial navigation on standard LG Nexus 5X smartphone
  • No GPS, no camera, no radar, no wireless signals, or other external
    inputs. Only accelerometer and gyroscope used to double integrate the
  • Truly unconstrained, works seamlessly in unlimited 3D space while driving,
    walking, running, flying (e.g. drones), etc.
  • Only starting point and direction given to place the route on a map for
    the demo (no scaling)

Glopos Cellular Positioning

Glopos live 3G positioning demo at Westfield Valley Fair Mall, San Jose, US, with standard off-the-shelf smartphones.

Glopos technology supports all cellular network technologies globally (GSM, WCDMA, LTE, TD-SCDMA, CDMA, EVDO, Wi-Fi).

Industry Game-changer

“Glopos are going where the big boys don’t yet tread”

“Glopos has emerged as a potentially significant player when indoor location is about to become widespread”

“Glopos has the power to unsettle major players”

“Glopos could shake up the location market”